About SSC

About SSC

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SSC is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. Established in 2004 SSC is a leading Internet security team and provides
E-commerce Security Solutions
x.509 digital Certificate services
validation services
crypto solutions
software security applications

Through a growing range of products, services and applications SSC provides software, hardware and certificate based security to home and business users.

SSC partners with leading technology providers RSA Security, SafeNet, Gemplus, Aladdin, Axalto.

By recognizing that trust and security are fundamental to successful online business, SSC has released a number of core standards based products (JUSTA light, JUSTA PRO, JUSTA WEB) and solutions to ensure enterprises can take full advantage of privacy, security, trust and confidence.

SSC is engaged in the design, development and support of products and services and in establishing and operating infrastructures to enable secure, trusted and verified communications and transactions over the Internet and private networks.
SSC continues to develop, a number of new e-security and identity assurance solutions and an integrated security infrastructure, both software and hardware-based, many of which are new to the market and which it believes provide significant competitive advantages in the e-security market.
SSC is providing Certification Authority Hosting Services to companies seeking to outsource their PKI. Located at the site of the Lithuanian Energy, SSC offers the secure facility that has extensive back-up capacity and resilient communications links.
SSC is seeking partners for distribution and support of its network security products worldwide.

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